NT GLOBAL LOGISTIC, which keeps the technology at the highest level and always makes significant investments
in the technological infrastructure from the innovative point of view,
provides services by using the most effective transportation models to meet the needs of its customers.

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Highway Transports

Road Transport Our products offer high quality road transport services such as LTL (Unloaded Truck Load), PTL (Partial) or FTL (Complete truck load) loads, temperature controlled and high safety transports.

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Maritime Transport

Thanks to our wide range of products, we offer different types of equipment and consolidation services to ensure that your products arrive at the right time, in the right place, in a cost effective manner. To ensure the highest reliability, we guarantee space at all major container ports around the world.

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Airways Transporting

With carefully selected carriers, you can work on important routes all over the world in a planned way and make your program clear and work more efficiently. We offer a range of highly flexible products that enable you to choose the delivery speed that best suits your business needs.

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Project Transportation

For the sectors such as construction, electricity, oil & gas, mining and civil engineering, it brings the heavy and bulky loads that are considered out of gaps to the desired point within the ideal time and costs. With its professional team, NT can plan and manage the process and carry loads safely.

As a company that is strategically managed and aims to continuously add added value, we attach great importance to risk management.
We create risk management models with long-term strategic plans and aim to turn risks into opportunities.

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