Within the scope of logistics services; complete, partial and special distribution, milk rail, storage and production logistics, supply chain solutions and vehicle logistics services are available. In every link of the supply chain, we develop the most suitable solutions to the demands and needs of our customers and offer tailored solutions to the customer needs in the operations we perform.

We provide logistics services for out-of-gauge loads that require equipment such as precision, expertise, experience, heavy and special transportation equipment to be transported as NT Global Logistic within the scope of Project Logistics services that we have realized under the roof of logistics services. Within the scope of Project Logistics services; ship organization, project consultancy, heavy transport and ship loading, evacuation, port area operations, storage, door-to-door transport, site downloading and stocking services and field installation services.

NT Global
NT Global



As the world's leading logistics company, our mission is to improve the lives of people by building bridges. Since we are a big and important company in global trade, we have a special responsibility.

We work with you to provide independent services that will help you reduce your risks, streamline your processes and build a more sustainable system.


While we make a continuous effort to fulfill the goals of our vision, we are also trying to set an example with our passion for business, our consciousness of righteousness, our entrepreneurial and our innovative spirit. These values, which guide us in all our works, are the cornerstones of our organization.

Our goal is to be the most competitive and most productive service organization worldwide. Supervision, inspection, testing and certification, which are our basic services, are constantly renewed to be the best in their fields. These are the basis of our identity. Our leadership in different markets and the reason for determining our preference are our ability to provide the best and unique service to our customers all over the world.

NT Global

With our service integration, product diversity and transportation network, we strive to provide our customers with top quality and speed service, to be sensitive to our social environment and to be a company that our employees are proud to be a member of.

As a company that is strategically managed and aims to continuously add added value, we attach great importance to risk management.
We create risk management models with long-term strategic plans and aim to turn risks into opportunities.

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