NT GLOBAL LOGISTIC,Logistics offers Storage services.
With the effective warehouse management system, all transactions in the inventory are monitored from the storage process that starts with the receipt of the product and until the receipt of orders in the warehouse and distribution centers.

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Temporary Storage Service

In all warehouses, product acceptance, addressing, collection and loading is done by RF terminals and the products can be monitored with warehouse management system. All warehouses are designed according to shelf and address stock and all equipments are available.

NT Lojistik

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Cold Storage Services

We ensure that your finished or semi-finished products, your import products, your raw materials are stored in safe conditions and delivered to the buyers when you wish. Our Cold Weather warehouse is completely sterile. Stretil and regular shelves do not come into contact with your products.

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Our Storage Service Approach

NT Logistics has made it a principle to add added value in supply chain processes and to be more effective and more efficient in every point of the process in order to enable its customers to create competitive advantage in their own sectors. For NT Logistics employee; It is essential to meet customer demands and needs at the optimum cost.

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Warehouse Management Solutions

Firstly, the region where the storage will be made is determined. The next stage after determining the location of the warehouse is the creation and installation of its design. After this stage, studies for the establishment of the system are started. With all these works, besides ensuring the safety of the customer products, the customer is also provided with the opportunity to outsource.

As a company that is strategically managed and aims to continuously add added value, we attach great importance to risk management.
We create risk management models with long-term strategic plans and aim to turn risks into opportunities.

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